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Howard Davis: Musician

Howard Davis: Musician

Howard Davis was born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the number one fishing port in the world, where he experienced the true beauty of the ocean as it rolls in to meet the shoreline. He grew up around the wharves listening to the fishermen's stories of those who gave their lives to the sea in search of their catch. Gloucester is in his blood.

At an early age, Howard became the protégé of Roger Costa, classical violinist and teacher at the Boston Conservatory of Music, with whom he pursued studies in the semi-classical mode on the guitar. As a result of his training in a variety of styles, he derived his own method and material, combining elements of American and ethnic folk music with an eclectic mix. He formed the pop music band Tradewinds and played at seaports on the East Coast.

Since he was greatly intrigued with the ocean and its many wonders, he also had developed a passion for sailing. In the eighties, he retired from performing in public to concentrate on writing music and sailing. At one point he lived aboard his boat in Gloucester Harbor for four years, where he wrote and recorded his contemporary sailing songs, "The Dreamer Sails Today".

Howard has written for the Nashville market and has signed publishing contracts with a number publishers. His songs are heard on a syndicated show to the international market. They are used at seacoast festivals and released to the New York Times Video Production.