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Hebert Candies: Fine Confections

Hebert Candies: Fine Confections

Hebert Candies was started on June 20, 1917, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, when Frederick Everett Hebert purchased a table, knife, thermometer, copper kettle, stove, and marble slab for eleven dollars. On the original bill of sale is a prized possession of the Hebert family today.

For many years, Mr. Hebert manufactured his candies and sold them through small neighborhood stores throughout the Worcester, Massachusetts area. After World War II, in 1946, Mr. Hebert purchased the Tudor stone mansion on Route 20 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. This "Candy Mansion" became the home of Hebert Candies and "America's First Roadside Candy Store". Hebert's Candies is also the originator of white chocolate in the United States.

For four generations, the Hebert family has taken great pride in creating, manufacturing, and selling quality candy under the family name. Many of the same proven candy recipes developed by the original Mr. Frederick Everett Hebert are still used today. Only the finest ingredients and high grade raw materials are used to manufacture Hebert Candies.