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Steve Dunwell: Photographer

Steve Dunwell: Photographer

Steve Dunwell has been photographing his home state of Massachusetts for over twenty years. Massachusetts Bay Trading Co. is happy to offer four breathtaking collections of Steve's stunning photographs. In each, Steve has gone to great length to capture the scenes of Massachusetts from just the right angle, often requiring an aerial view. With his photographs he takes dramatic advantage of the region's often spectacular lighting.

"Massachusetts, more than most American places, rewards the viewer with a rich tapestry of geography, landscape, and history in a small area. While other states have higher mountains, broader vistas, larger cities, and rockier coastlines, none has the tightly woven fabric of our unique land between Cape Cod and the Berkshires," Steve says about Massachusetts. "What it lacks in grandeur, it makes up for in meaning. Favored by a comfortable landscape, graced with natural harbors, then anointed by early colonial preference, this became a place of unique historical moment. To know Massachusetts is to truly understand America's origins."

While Steve is perhaps best known as an interpreter of the New England social landscape, he has also covered wide-ranging assignments throughout America and in more than thirty nations on five continents. His work has been published in numerous books and magazines, and exhibited in one-man shows in New York and Boston.

Steve's views of the city distill the impressions of a Boston enthusiast. He has learned the resonance of this special place. You will find that his photo books of Boston are always up to date. With the constantly changing skyline of Boston this alone can be a never-ending task.