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Anne Bell Robb: Kedron Design

Anne Bell Robb: Kedron Design

Anne Bell Robb began painting tiny portraits of New England houses back in 1972. As her following grew, she was persuaded by friends and family to reproduce some of the originals. From a collection of twenty-five Boston portraits, Anne selected ten for print. It did not take long for her to expand her print media to fine hand-crafted gifts including notecards, rugs, pillows, and mirrors.

Anne and her family have a rich Massachusetts heritage. She studied Art History at Smith College in Northampton. From there she moved to Cambridge, working under the direction of Edwin Land in color research at Polaroid. There painting and photography merged into a sense of design. Graphics came next and then assemblage work. With color press, all of these disciplines have been happily combined.

Camera and sketch pad are Anne's constant companions. She has recorded American images from Maine to Texas. Traveling abroad Anne has brought home tiny vignettes of Scotland, Ireland and England. Wherever she goes, her brushes are not far behind.