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Mary Marlowe: Everlasting Impressions

Mary Marlowe: Everlasting Impressions

Mary Marlowe has been crafting for nearly 35 years. Her work ranges from wreaths and dried flowers to hand-painted glassware. Mary was taught and inspired by her grandparents who were not only artistic, but inspirational as well. Her grandmother's specialty was the garden and her grandfather had a tremendous love of painting.

Born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Mary has lived in the area all of her life. "I could never leave or live too far from the sea as it's my life," she says about living in Massachusetts. "It is where I find peace and solace. Nor could I leave the farms where I raised my children, or the farmers who grow the most wonderful flowers that anyone could ever hope to have. The history, hidden beauty, and picturesque ocean have all been a vital part of my family's life and love."

Mary's one-of-a-kind works have been in high demand right from the start of Everlasting Impressions. Her first show was a small one in New Bedford, but everything she brought was gobbled up. Since then, her products have been shipped all across the country and as far away as Japan.

The name "Everlasting Impressions" was sparked by a conversation among her customers. "I overheard them say how the wine set they bought for a wedding gift would leave an everlasting impression on the bridegroom," explains Mary.