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Kip Johnson: President Williamsville Wax

Kip Johnson: President Williamsville Wax

The formula for the original Williamsville Wax was invented during the 18th century at the Williamsville Plantation in Ashland, Virginia. From there it traveled to Tennessee and Connecticut before arriving in Massachusetts in 1982. Kip Johnson bought the company in 1982 and moved manufacturing first to Framingham and finally to Ashland, Massachusetts. The original formula has proven so successful, it is still in use today.

Kip has expanded the product line well beyond the original Williamsville Wax product. The new formulas work miraculously, but are completely non-hazardous. The products are primarily private labeled. Today, when someone buys a residential furniture warranty, they typically receive Williamsville products, but under a different name such as Farbrictech2000.

The products accomplish marvelous things with wood, leather and other surfaces. The Williamsville products have been shipped throughout the US and to Mexico, South Africa, and Canada. Below are some of the uses of Williamsville products, many suggested by customers.

  • Renewing outdoor resin and fiberglass furniture
  • polishing fine wood furniture
  • preserving wood antiques
  • polishing wood cabinets
  • polishing wood paneling
  • preserving wood floor and stairs
  • protecting wood musical instruments
  • revitalizing painted enamel surfaces
  • protecting brass & stainless steel
  • polishing metal automotive interiors
  • lubricating snow shovels
  • lubricating oil for using steel wool to work with wood
  • lubricating saws in tree farming and millwork
  • cleaning boat interior woods
  • polishing RV interior