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Ted Stux and Allison Goldberg: New England Cranberry

Ted Stux and Allison Goldberg: New England Cranberry

Ted Stux and Allison Goldberg (shown above with Julian) have shipped their New England Cranberry products all over the world, to places like India, Taiwan and throughout Europe. Some people can't get enough; a woman once ordered 60 pounds of the delicious Dried Wild Blueberries just for herself. Another woman calls every fall to order 48 jars of Cranberry Pepper Jelly to last her the year.

While Allison is originally from Swampscott, Massachusetts, Ted had spent most of his life in the Midwest. They now enjoy living very close to the water and still within easy reach of skiing areas. "The Midwest is so flat that a small hill is considered the best skiing around," explains Ted. "Here we have Cape Cod, Kelly's, and relatives nearby."

Before the move to Massachusetts, Ted was Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer of several companies ranging from start-ups to long-established firms. Allison had worked in market research, marketing and communications. When they decided to move here, they looked for a business that had a quality product, excellent potential and a good start, but needed work to make it grow. New England Cranberry fit the bill, with a loyal following and a product that is not just healthy, but one that people really enjoy.