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Rebecca Sansone: Cape Cod Fragrance Company

Rebecca Sansone: Cape Cod Fragrance Company

Cape Cod is famous for its quiet lanes, peaceful shores, and beautiful beaches. Rebecca Sansone founded the Cape Cod Fragrance Company, Inc. in 2000 to capture this very essence of the Cape Cod experience. The company makes a range of shower gels, bar soaps and soap gift baskets.

Raised in Massachusetts and now a permanent resident of Cape Cod, Rebecca had enjoyed many summers at her grandparents' cottage on "The Cape". She graduated with an English degree from Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts and kept close ties to Cape Cod.

Rebecca had visited many of Cape Cod's quaint gift shops and noticed that very few shops carried bath products, which capture the true essence of Cape Cod. With this in mind, she sought to create a product to share the Cape Cod experience with others. Cape Cod Fragrances bring back memories of fresh ocean breezes, ocean side flowers, beach strolls and quiet lanes. With these Cape Cod soaps, you wash in the beauty of Sandalwood Shores, Bayberry Beach, Lavender Lane and other Cape Cod milieus.