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Anne C. Ross: Cape Cod Craftswoman

Anne C. Ross: Cape Cod Craftswoman

Anne, a graduate of Skidmore College, has been working with powdered glass since the age of twelve. As a studio art major in college, she concentrated her studies on design and the application of enamels to copper, silver, and gold. Her metal and glass enameled pieces are now in international collections.

Mrs. Ross, using the same enamels that are used on metals, sifts her design onto pieces of window glass. By the use of a series of hand-cut stencils, she accurately reproduces her delicate designs. Once decorated, another piece of glass is placed atop the first and the resultant piece is placed upon a ceramic mold. The glass-laden molds are then fired to 1500 degrees in a kiln. The glass fuses and sags into the mold, taking on its shape and texture. After cooling overnight, each piece is ground, cleaned and individually signed by Anne C. Ross. The resulting pieces of art glass may be used as formal or informal dinnerware, or may simply be displayed for their inherent beauty.

Effects such as bubbling and crazing may occur on certain pieces and are a natural part of this process. Each piece is dishwasher safe, but not microwavable.