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Linda Ravella: Painter

Linda Ravella: Painter

"The longer I live in Boston the more I love it," says artist Linda Ravella. "It's the history, the beauty and the love that people have for the city. Of all the cities I've lived near, Boston is definitely my favorite. I have to feel strongly about a subject to paint it and I am passionate about Boston." Prints of Ravella's artworks are available at Massachusetts Bay Trading Company.

Linda expresses her passion for Massachusetts in strikingly warm paintings with an almost "dreamy" effect, as if capturing a visual thought, while reminiscing its memory. "To me, painting involves capturing the essence of the uniqueness of what I see and feel in the subject. My paintings are feelings captured at a moment in time"

Linda feels that technique is the craft of painting, but art is truly the expression. She studied art at the Phoenix School of Design in N.Y.C., the Center For Creative Studies in Detroit, The Detroit Institute Of Arts, and The Rhode Island School Of Design. She also had the privilege of studying under one of America's leading portrait painters, Daniel E. Greene, N.A. Although she was raised in NY and has lived in Michigan and Pennsylvania, Boston is Linda's first choice for subject matter.

Her works can be found in public and private collections in China, Ireland, Australia and Germany, in addition to the Midwest and Northeast of the United States.