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Terri Swain: Herbs Makes Scents

Terri Swain: Herbs Makes Scents

For years the Swain family used herbs for everything from cooking and cleaning to simply providing uplifting fragrances around the house. Terri began by sharing her recipes and creations with friends. Finding success in selling her products at craft fairs, she launched the Herbs Make Scents business. Today, the product line includes soaps, lotions and soothers, all of them made from 100% natural ingredients and uniquely packaged.

Terri loved growing up in Massachusetts and has become a history buff over the years. "Now that I am a small business owner," she says, "I feel a part of the rich Bostonian heritage. There are so many talented artisans in Massachusetts."

Terri is also a children's educational entertainer and professional clown. "My favorite character to portray is Betsy Ross as I can share my love for Boston." In her act, she includes a bit of her herbal remedies that Betsy and other colonial women made and used for cleaning and curing the ill. In this way she keeps her businesses related.

The natural ingredients and innovative packaging set Terri's product line apart. "We chose the name Herbs Make Scents because they really do!" she explains. "The soaps and lotions not only smell scentsational, but each of the herbs offers amazing benefits to help heal the mind and body."