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Dena Hadley: Photographer and Puzzle Maker

Dena Hadley: Photographer and Puzzle Maker

Dena Hadley is an MBTC artist who is not a native of Massachusetts. Born and raised in South Africa, Dena was trained as a computer analyst/programmer. Her interest in photography began in 1982 when a friend asked her to accompany her to a photography club meeting. Her first pictures were taken with a borrowed Pentax camera. The photography bug had bitten. She joined the photography club and went on to compete and win in both national and international competitions.

In 1998, Dena's computer expertise brought her to Boston to help out with year 2000 computer conversions. Eight years later, she left the computer world and started her photography business. The MBTC Nobska Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzle is based on her photograph of the lighthouse.

Dena's photography gear has grown since those early days. She still maintains her first Pentax, which today serves as a backup camera if all her digital ones fail. She also uses a Canon Elan IIE and a Mamiya 645AF.