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Terri Danek-Meyer: Handcrafted Porcelain

Terri Danek-Meyer: Handcrafted Porcelain

The fine porcelain crafted by Terri Danek-Meyer has a look similar to the spatterware pottery from Staffordshire in 1750 and from the Wedgwood factory about 1800-1820. Actually, Terri developed her style before she had seen spatterware which explains the freshness of the designs that only a contemporary body of work can give.

The porcelain Terri creates begins as a clay body made with ingredients imported from England. While expensive and the most difficult to throw on the wheel - potters often compare the consistency to cream cheese - the final result is beautiful both in look and feel.

The clear glazes are made from scratch. The main ingredient is Cornwall stone, produced in Cornwall, England. This makes the glaze hard as well as scratch and stain resistant. Esthetically, it gives the glaze a buttery look and feel.

The pottery is completely safe to use. There is no lead whatsoever in the glaze. All pieces are microwaveable, ovenproof and dishwasher safe. Every edge of each piece has been carefully rounded and smoothed to be comfortable to the user and also chip-resistant.

Terri is a graduate of Alfred University New York State College of Ceramics. Her work has been written up in publications including Early American Homes, Country Living, and the Annual Directory of 200 Best Traditional American Crafts. You can also see Terri's porcelain at the White House where it is part of the permanent collection.