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David Jacobs: Photographer

David Jacobs: Photographer

David Jacobs never goes far without his digital camera. "I carry my camera wherever I go," says Jacobs. "Photography is much more than a hobby for me". He had been a avid photographer throughout high school, but put his photographic career on a professional track in the late 70's, after taking creative photography classes at Rochester Institute of Technology. "I began shooting color slides and entering into local photography classes where I really discovered my love for taking pictures of everyday subjects from unusual perspectives. His images of Boston and the surrounding area are available at Massachusetts Bay Trading Company.

In the nineties, with the onset of the digital revolution, Jacobs moved to digital photography and now uses a digital camera exclusively in combination with a high resolution dye sublimation printer. His work has been shown at educational institutions and museums throughout the Greater Boston area.

When Jacobs is not indulging in his love of photography, he works as the controller at TNCO-Inc., a manufacturer of noninvasive surgical tools located outside of Boston. He holds an MBA from the University of Virginia and an BA in Economics from Hobart College.