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Sue Ebbeson: Pottery

Sue Ebbeson: Pottery

Sue Ebbeson's passion for pottery started twenty-nine years ago when she found an abandoned potter's wheel in the school where her husband taught. She was a young mother who had opted to stay home and raise her children, and perfect her craft. Studying under potter Liv Finnegan, she became a skilled craftsperson, confident in her work.

Her pottery has since become a full time labor of love. Sue resides in Hampton, New Hampshire with artist husband Eric. Her Seashore design pottery was inspired by the New England seacoast.

The Ebbeson Pottery business is a harmonious collaboration with her husband Eric; with Sue throwing the pieces on the wheel and Eric using his fine art skills to create the designs that adorn each hand-crafted plate, pot, jug, bowl and cup.

"It's just so creative and I love it," Sue says of her life's work.