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Anne Brown: Jewelry Artist

Anne Brown: Jewelry Artist

Anne Brown has been creating art-to-wear in the form of necklaces, pins, earrings, bracelets and clothes for a number of years. She grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts, where as a child she collected everything imaginable from the beach, woods, and fields. She was greatly influenced by nature on Massachusetts' North Shore and her childhood attraction to living in that period resurfaced as an adult in the form of creating art from what is at hand. After rescuing a cat from a Boston Wharf, she was forced to boil fish to suit his appetite. The local fish markets educated her as to the lore of fish bones and because of their sculptural beauty, she used the bones in combination with other natural objects to create unique jewelry.

As time went on, her media progressed to metals and resins. Her work ranges from the simple beaded necklace to conceptual jewelry assemblages fabricated in resin and metal. Anne also works in collage, assemblage, sculpture and found object.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and illustrated in numerous publications. At Cooper Hewitt Museum seminar for collectors, she was recommended as a major contemporary jewelry artist who had made a contribution through the use of materials and design. She is most recently referenced in the New Art International and Design Sourcebook. She is a member of the Copley Society, Boston, Massachusetts and maintains a number of gallery affiliations.