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Kay Magrone: Shaker Kitchen

Kay Magrone: Shaker Kitchen

Kay Magrone and her husband Frank began Shaker Kitchen five years ago, inspired by the New England Shakers. They work with a woman who cooked at the Canterbury Shaker Village with some of the last remaining Shakers. Although the Shaker Kitchen range of products, which includes the MBTC line of dips, is constantly growing, Kay plans to stay focused on the inspiration that the Shakers provided. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives ever find their way into Shaker Kitchen foods.

The Magrones strictly adhere to the Shaker tradition, with high standards of simplicity, purity, and excellence. All Shaker Kitchen products are specially prepared in commercial kitchens in the Athol area of Massachusetts.

Kay's background in Home Economics education has been important at Shaker Kitchen, not just in formulating the recipes, but also in suggesting varied serving possibilities and encouraging creative uses for their dips and sauces.