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Debra Corbett: Painter

Debra Corbett: Painter

To Debra Corbett Massachusetts provides the ideal environment for a painter - especially rich in history, varied landscape and seasonal changes. She maintains a home studio in Melrose, Massachusetts, where each new painting becomes an opportunity for pure growth and discovery.

"As an artist, Massachusetts offers a unique environment that allows me a variety of subject matter," says Corbett. "I am continually amazed by the possibilities for paintings when I see marsh lands, fields, and forests. These tend to be my favorite sources of inspiration and I never tire of the beauty they project."

Debra believes that painting on location is the best possible situation despite the challenges of changing light and weather conditions. "It is a pure joy and matchless experience to be out in nature and lose a sense of time while I work," she notes. "This can be quite magical." While not every painting can be done on location, she feels her extensive plein-air experience and fresh approach can be taken back into the studio quite successfully.

When starting a painting Debra is drawn to certain shapes and patterns of light. Often she finds the actual subject matter can be less important than the desire to create a mood that allows the viewer to embrace the scene. Thin layers of paint are built up to create surface texture. Debra prefers to allow loose and expressive brushstrokes to be visible, and often does color mixing directly on the canvas. She finds it very interesting to see the path an artist has traveled by seeing the patterns of paint on the surface.

Debra was educated at Seton Hall University and has continued her studies by participating in various workshops with such notable artists as George Nick, Charles Sovek, and Don Stone. Currently she is represented by several galleries in New England and is an active and award winning member of the Newburyport and Concord Art Associations. Debra’s work hangs in several corporate and many private collections here and outside New England. She is a past recipient of several Massachusetts Arts Lottery grants.