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Susan Conroy: Buttercup Paper Collection

Susan Conroy: Buttercup Paper Collection

Susan Conroy of Buttercup Paper Collection was originally a Pennsylvania native who moved to Boston after college. Now she says she has no plans to leave. "Massachusetts has it & culture, great food, interesting people, proximity to the mountains and the ocean, and only a five hour drive to my family in Pennsylvania," says Susan.

Her interest in specialty stationery began while she was preparing for her own wedding. She searched everywhere for a very whimsical and unique, yet classy and elegant wedding ensemble. "I spent hours on the Internet and many trips to far off paper boutiques throughout the North East, but could not find what I envisioned anywhere," said Susan.

Being artistic all her life, she decided to try making save-the-dates and invitations. The process clicked immediately as Susan thoroughly enjoyed the work – the tactile experience with different textures of paper, grommeting, and experimenting with color. After seeing her work, people started approaching Susan to do their own invitations.

Susan says she is a greeting card fanatic. "I just love to scope out fresh designs. I had noticed a real lack of vibrant, tactile, un-mass produced handmade greetings." Buttercup Paper Collection was created to fulfill this need. Her colorful handmade greeting cards are each slightly different and full of character.