Rob Swift Founder and President, Boston LightWorks

Rob Swift and his wife Carol design the beautiful nautical-themed and colonial-era lamps of the Boston LightWorks. Together they purchased the company that became Boston LightWorks in 1995 from the 81 year old gentleman who founded it. Prior to developing Boston LightWorks, Rob spent 20 years in the mail order business.

The mainstay of the line are the over 100 lighthouse lamps. Over the last seven years, the lamp line has grown to include antique spools, ship's lanterns, windsor chairs, and shorebird decoys. The lamps are assembled here in Hingham, Massachusetts and many of the raw materials also originate in Massachusetts. However, now that the mills of New England have been depleted of their antique bobbins, the bobbins for the bobbin lamps must be imported from old England.