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Lin Ruda: Pelle Dolce Soaps

Lin Ruda: Pelle Dolce Soaps

Lin Ruda of Pelle Dolce Soaps began her business as a hobby, handcrafting extra special soaps in her kitchen. When she found the soaps she created for her family, friends and co-workers generated an overwhelmingly positive response, she founded Pelle Dolce Soaps to fulfill the demand. Pelle Dolce offers Scents of New England as well as Massachusetts and Nantucket soaps.

A Massachusetts native, Lin earned her Master's in Communication Disorders in between the birth of her children and was a licensed, practicing Speech-Language Pathologist for a number of years.

As immigrants, Lin's grandparents settled their family in Massachusetts in the early 1900's. Lin herself has traveled to see the world but knows Massachusetts is home.

"I was born here and have stayed because aside from being so lovely, Massachusetts has a four season climate, the ocean, the mountains, places prominent in history and people with a traditional and leading edge perspective on life," Says Lin.

Her granddaughter was born here and her own children have chosen to stay to enjoy the quality of life, raise their children and pursue careers available in Massachusetts.

The company name Pelle Dolce means "sweet skin", a name that affectionately acknowledges Lin's ethnic heritage and proudly honors the high regard she and her family have for doing what they do to the best of their ability.