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Robert A. Labrie: Box of Golf®

Robert A. Labrie: Box of Golf®

With his new Box of Golf game series, Robert Labrie is following in the giant Massachusetts footsteps of Salem natives George and Charles Parker, better known as the Parker Brothers, and Milton Bradley, who set up shop in Springfield to produce a board game called, "The Checkered Game of Life". The Box of Golf certainly has the potential to become as popular as the Parker Brothers game of Monopoly.

Schooled in tool & die, Labrie's road to game entrepreneur traveled through paving 1979, he bought a small driveway paving business in Western Massachusetts and built it into a 10 million dollar construction company. He paved roads for the towns, cities and the state of Massachusetts. When he subsequently sold the asphalt plant and company in 2001, he had 65 employees.

Labrie is a man of diverse interests. As a Class 1 award-winning truck driver, he competed in truck rodeos locally and on a state level. He now owns and operates a Friesian horse farm where he breeds and trains the magnificent Friesians. In addition to all this, he makes time to help others by providing local church leadership, consulting for Junior Achievement, coaching basketball and baseball. He also serves on the Board of Directors for a local hospital and is a Ski Patrol Director on the National Ski Patrol.

When Labrie founded Box of Golf he had a vision of what the Deluxe version of this product would look like. Cherry hardwood deserved elegance, lined with wool felt, a velvet bag and 24k gold accented pewter figurines... everything quality. And by being attentive to details, he does not accept anything below his original vision.