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Robert James Kelley: New England Furniture

Robert James Kelley: New England Furniture

Robert James Kelley's furniture business grew out of his childhood passion for constructing things by hand. He pursued his love for woodworking at one of the finest vocational schools in New England, where he received the Blue Hills Educational Association Award as well as honors for outstanding scholastic achievement. His passion and interest in Early American life grew as did his extensive woodworking talents.

Now an award-winning master furniture maker, Kelley builds beautiful colonial town signs and the popular Fenway Park sign. His antique and New England style furniture line includes cabinets, tables, cupboards, shelves, and window frames. His work features his signature distressed finish, painstakingly applied, to provide an authentic, warm, and attractive historical look to the furniture.

Both Rob and his wife have lived in Massachusetts all their lives. Rob grew up in Braintree and his wife in East Weymouth. The couple moved to Carver 7 1/2 years ago and love the town.

"We especially appreciate the history of Massachusetts; it has been the inspiration for our business creating home furnishings in the Early American tradition," says Rob. "We are always motivated by our annual trips to Plimouth Plantation and Sturbridge Village."