Boston History Collaborative
Boston History Collaborative Boston tours and history

The Boston History Collaborative is a not-for-profit alliance of leaders from the visitor industry, the business community, local government, historic sites, and distinguished historians. The Collaborative offers uniquely entertaining and educational tours of the Boston area: the Innovation Odyssey Tour and and the Boston by Sea cruise. Established in mid-1997, the Collaborative is developing a model for how to do history, making it fascinating and fun in the midst of a vibrant major city. Their mission includes the development of a museum history center, multiple historical theme trails, and an array of educational opportunities, with visits to historical sites, acting, and the latest in technology making history come alive for visitors, students and residents alike. Their formula is that great Boston historical tourism, through the best in collaboration, leads to fun, learning, and economic development.

The vision of the Collaborative for 2010 is to make Boston known as one of the world's primary destinations for historical tourism, with a rich array of themes that connect historical sites in ways that educate and entertain.