Smart Scents

Try our line of all-natural, conveniently packaged line by Herbs Make Scents.

The set includes lotion, soap, and soother sticks

New England States soaps

Six luxurious bars of soap, one for each of the New England states. These soaps, handcrafted by Pelle Dolce Soaps, are made from the richest ingredients to convey a sense of personal regard without being intrusive. The complete six bar set is delivered to you in a gift box suitable for presentation.

New England soaps

New editions by Pelle Dolce Soaps include the Cape Cod bar from the boxed island collection, the Massachusetts bar of the New England state maps set, and the Minute Man statue of the landmarks and memories collection.

Goat Milk Soaps

Massachusetts Bay Trading Company is pleased to offer three collections of natural goat milk soaps. You will find all of them nourishing and gentle, with a rich and creamy lather. Each soap is beautifully hand packaged.

The fragrances of our Invigorating Aromas Assortment include Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, Almond Creme, Herbal Energy Bar, and Spring Lilac.

Two of the soaps of the Sensitive Skin Assortment have no added fragrance and two have the gentle scent of lavender.

Even if you aren't a gardener yet, you'll want to become one after experiencing our Gardener's Favorites Collection.