Each of the items in this category is handmade by a New England master craftsman. Click a category at left to browse or read about our skilled and talented artisans below.

Daniel Read Glass Bowls Daniel Read
The beautiful glass bowls by Daniel Read are made with a unique hand blown technique involving grabbing and twisting three lines in three sets of three. No two bowls are ever the same.
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Spencer Peterman Wooden Bowls

Spencer Peterman
The Peterman hand made wooden bowls are crafted from a variety of woods. The natural edges on many of the bowls are difficult to make but are especially popular. Each bowl is one of a kind.

Spencer Peterman cutting boards The Peterman hand made cutting and serving boards are crafted from a variety of woods. The natural edges and unusual shapes make each board uniquely special.
Anne C. Ross Glass Dishware

Anne C. Ross
Anne, a graduate of Skidmore College who is now located on Cape Cod, has been working with powdered glass since the age of twelve. Read full artist profile >

Sue Ebberson Pottery

Sue Ebberson
Sue Ebberson’s passion for pottery started twenty-nine years ago when she found an abandoned potter’s wheel in the school where her husband taught. Read full artist profile >