Peterman Hand-Made Wooden Bowls These beautiful hand-made bowls are one of a kind, made from trees fallen in Massachusetts forests. Below is a sampling of our most popular styles. See our entire selection Oval Walnut Bowl Cherry Oval Bowl Oval Cherry Bowl Cherry Burl Bowl Cherry Burl Bowl

For his wooden bowls, Spencer Peterman seeks out wood from fallen trees replete with character. Hidden in the moss and dirt covered trees are special features that Spencer will bring to life with the lathe in the wood shop. In particular, the fungus behind the wood's transformation leaves its mark in a marbled appearance and bold, black lines that form graphic patterns for the spaulted bowls. The trick is to work the wood at just the right time, before decomposition has gone too far.

The spaulted wood must be dried at high temperature to ensure the fungus invading it is completely killed. Peterman uses the kiln of a nearby lumber company where his wife works. The wooden bowls are finished with a shellac that is fully FDA approved and may also be applied to food items such as fruit and candy. This shellac has the effect of making the wood look older.

The bowls are made from a variety of wood. Each is made from a single piece of wood. The natural edges on the oval spaulted bowls are difficult to make but are especially popular. Each bowl is one of a kind.

Ebonized Cherry Oval Bowl Spaulted Maple Spaulted Maple Round Bowl