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Carol Watts: Teddy Bears

Carol Watts: Teddy Bears

Carol Watts has always had a strong interest in handiwork and began knitting and sewing as a child. She has quite successfully applied her craft skills to creating products known to provide a sense of comfort, security, and companionship. Her handmade teddy bears appeal to both the young and old.

Watts began making teddy bears in the mid-90s after she met a woman faced with significant emotional challenges. Having studied Native American beliefs and symbolism, Carol knew that the bear embodied strength and courage. The teddy bears that Carol made for the woman gave her something tangible, providing the strength and courage to help her establish a new life. The project was so successful that before long others asked for similar hand-made teddy bears for someone that they knew.

It was after a 2004 trip to Alaska that Carol's business began to expand. She had been on a cruise with her mother and with the aim of purchasing a regional keepsake, she visited an Alaskan fur store. The owner became intrigued when he learned that she wanted to make teddy bears from pelts indigenous to Alaska. He asked to receive samples of the bears and ultimately sold Carol's bears in his chain of stores located throughout Alaska and Colorado.

Carol loves living in Massachusetts. She has lived in every region of the state and finds the state has something special to offer for every season. In the summer, the Cape has beautiful nature, beaches, and boating. In the fall, Western Massachusetts offers magnificent foliage, cider, and maple sugar treats. In the winter, Central Massachusetts provides great skiing. And in the spring and summer, Boston's culture and colorful gardens are hard to top.