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Hester A. Davis: Stained Glass

Hester A. Davis: Stained Glass

Born and raised in Western Massachusetts, Hester has always been on the cutting edge of the art world. Hester was first drawn to the beauty and elegance of stained glass in her high school art class and immediately fell in love, working out of school and on weekends to perfect her art. Not only has working in stained glass provided an important artistic outlet, but it has also added many other benefits to Hester's life.

"In particular, working in stained glass has taught me a lot about patience. It is an unforgiving art; you have to do it just right from the beginning and at each step or you end up with a big mess at the end," says Hester. "It is a slow, time-consuming process with no fast routes or easy solutions."

Although this might sound tedious, it has taught Hester to slow down and avoid short cuts. Her commitment to excellence provides the deep satisfaction that comes with seeing the results of her hard work as her visions come to life.

According to Hester, "I really put my heart and soul into each of piece and find it extremely fulfilling that my artwork is able to bring value to my clients and their homes."