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David Holt: Painter

David Holt: Painter

David Holt has lived his entire life in the greater Boston area and has been drawing and illustrating since he was a child. From an early age he was drawn to galleries and art exhibits on the Cape, in Boston or wherever in Massachusetts he happened to be.

Nineteen years ago, David turned to oils, purchased his first set of oil paints and subsequently developing a wet on wet technique. After a several years of working in oils, he felt too limited with this medium, and wanted more realism and details in his paintings. Turning to watercolor, David would begin each painting with a detailed pencil sketch of the subject. Watercolors felt like a cleaner and more enjoyable medium to work in. As he became more comfortable with watercolors, he developed a technique which often includes many washes of paint for richer, more vivid colors. While some artists use watercolors for abstract painting, David strives for realism in his work.

"I began painting as a way of relaxing, as a hobby, and a great way to unwind," says David. "Most of my early paintings were hung in my home for decoration. As my walls began filling up, I brought pieces to my workplace to hang in my office." The response from coworkers was overwhelming. Not only did his existing paintings sell, but he began receiving commissions to paint new subjects.

David has painted everything from landscapes and seascapes to florals and portraits. He also paints portraits of private homes, vacation homes, boats, cars, and pets. David especially enjoys the commissioned work.