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Karen Potter: Extreme Soap Company

Karen Potter: Extreme Soap Company

Karen Potter divides her time between her skin products and mountain biking. Her products are designed to be fun, earth-friendly, and body-friendly. As a hard-core mountain biker well-experienced in scrapes, bruises, aches and pains, Karen decided to specialize in natural healing salves to take care of these injuries. Fellow riders and non-riders alike have seen how much more quickly and less painfully wounds heal using the salves. People are also quite pleased with the Strains and Pains Salves working wonders on their arthritis pain.

Karen lives in Holliston, Massachusetts and enjoys biking throughout the state. "Massachusetts offers so much variety in life," Karen points out. "It has culture, history, arts, education, city life and country life and so much more within a short drive. The ocean and the mountains are readily accessible and yet you can find yourself meandering down an old cobblestone road with fascinating houses and buildings rich in history and lore."

A member of the Team Yippee Racing, Karen hopes to qualify for professional in 2003. She is at the Expert XC level and won the 2002 Jack Rabbit Run, one of the longest running and most popular mountain bike events in the country.