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Fort Pelham Wood Products: Wooden Toy Trucks

Fort Pelham Wood Products: Wooden Toy Trucks

Richard Alix started up Fort Pelham Wood Products upon retiring after 30 years at the Yankee Rowe atomic power plant. Sheila Furgerson joined him in 1999 and shortly thereafter launched Sheila's Handcrafts as a subsidiary. The business which includes wood lawn ornaments, toy trucks, and novelties began as a hobby. Richard crafts the wooden products and Sheila paints them. Initially sold at local craft shows, they have now shipped their products to happy customers across the country.

Richard is a Massachusetts native. He spent 20 years with the military including active service in Korea and Desert Storm. Sheila was raised in Washington State. Here in Massachusetts, the Berkshires remind her of the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, where she grew up.

The team specializes in making a durable, quality product. To make sure the wooden trucks can withstand the rough treatment typical of young children, the wheels are attached with an axle peg that is both glued and nailed.