Joseph Mammone Photographer

Joe Mammone has lived in Massachusetts all of his life. With his love for the ocean, Massachusetts has provided the best canvas that any photographer or artist could ever ask for. Cape Cod and the seacoast of Massachusetts provide the backdrop for many of Joe's photographs.

"The main theme for my art revolves around the sea, though I branch out to every aspect," says Mammone. His works have been exhibited widely and has been sold at auction for over $200. Joe's photographs and artwork have won awards at both local showings and the Net Poetry and Arts Competition (NPAC). It has been published in The Baroque Review as well as on The Standard Times Web site and other publications. The Bashful Mermaid in Fairhaven, Massachusetts has also provided a showcase for Joe's works.

A graduate of Clark University, Joe majored in Graphic Design and Photography. Recently, Joe was able to raise a substantial amount of money for the victims of 9/11 by offering his artwork in auctions for charity.