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Massachusetts Bay Trading Company is a unique, high-end Web store promoting and selling products associated with Massachusetts to a dedicated following of residents, visitors, newcomers, and tourists as well as anyone looking for quality Massachusetts-based products.

Target customers
The state has developed a large and growing base of people who enjoy purchasing "all things Massachusetts". The base includes residents, regular visitors and tourists (who number 28 million per year), corporate purchasers and newcomers to the state. Over the years, many out-of-staters have developed a strong affinity for the area. The web store is marketed internationally and accepts orders in all major currencies.

More than simply a web store
The MBTC will be sponsoring competitions such as "best in category made in Massachusetts", "best new MA product" and "best selling MA product". We also plan to offer a certified "Made in MA" program to designate items crafted in state. The site publishes a monthly newsletter and offers regular polls on MA topics of interest. An MA trivia contest periodically offers discount coupons to the most knowledgeable of trivia experts. A discussion board is available for visitors to discuss their favorite vacation sites, hard to find state items and other appropriate topics. Customers have the opportunity to request new products be added to the MBTC line.

Each product is shipped with The Brief History of Massachusetts, a short flyer about the history of "Yankee ingenuity".

Quality, service and reliability are hallmarks of MBTC.

Requirements for MBTC products and vendors
The products must fall into the broad categories listed to the left. They must be of highest quality and be made in Massachusetts or closely associated with the Commonwealth. The vendor will need to provide a short text summary and photo of each product. If necessary, MBTC can arrange for the photography.

Vendors should be capable of shipping their product directly to the end customers within a predefined period of time. Lead times vary by product category. The orders are transmitted to the vendor by email or fax, with an optional telephone notification.

All vendors agree not to directly solicit MBTC customers.

What does MBTC provide vendors?
Massachusetts Bay Trading Company provides a new incremental sales channel for Massachusetts products. MBTC generates the product demand at the site through its internally-funded marketing and public relations programs. Each product becomes part of the elegant MBTC web showcase. MBTC handles all end-customer interactions. This includes order taking, credit card processing, shipping acknowledgment and collection of applicable sales taxes. MBTC pays for all shipping, but the vendor normally actually ships the product to the end customer. MBTC pays the vendor a mutually agreed upon wholesale price for all items sold through the web store.

The MBTC site is aggressively marketed through both traditional and electronic, Internet-based media. Traditional marketing includes advertising and PR in newspapers, lifestyle and tourist magazines, tourist maps, and brochures at hotels and tourist information centers. Electronic marketing includes an extensive network of Internet hyperlinks as well as newsgroup postings, electronic post cards and a regular electronic newsletter. Special events are planned, including awards in several categories for best Massachusetts products.

Contact Information
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Your will receive a prompt reply. Thank you for your interest in the Massachusetts Bay Trading Company!