Our Team

Bob Nilsson President
Bob is the founder of the Massachusetts Bay Trading Company, the first Web site dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of Massachusetts and New England, and the quality of products originating here. The site, www.massbaytrading.com, sells products that embody the finest character and diversity for which this region is renowned.

Like many dedicated New England enthusiasts, Bob was not raised in state, but has now lived in Massachusetts for 30 years working in high technology marketing. Since moving to the state, he has consistently declined opportunities to relocate out of state. He was most recently VP Marketing for Orbital Software in Framingham. Before Orbital, Nilsson was VP of product marketing at UNIFI Communications and VP marketing at Axil Computer, a Concord-based start-up designing and selling high-end multiprocessor Windows NT computer systems. His earlier Massachusetts tenure included 12 years at Digital Equipment in marketing management after beginning his career at Hewlett-Packard.

Nilsson holds a Masters in Business Administration in marketing from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Beth Nilsson Chairman of the Board
Beth joined Massachusetts Bay Trading Company early as operations manager, turning the behind the scenes flow into a finely-tuned and efficient machine. She had developed those skills over twenty years with companies like Hewlett-Packard and Lexidata and at Bucknell University. Beth was voted Chairman of the Board in 2010, recognizing her skills in management and contributions to the company.

Thomas Painter Creative Director
After working in Los Angeles for 5 years, Thomas moved to Massachusetts 15 years ago. Thomas has a history of developing innovative visual solutions for industries including fashion, retail, high technology, and 4D printing. Most recently Thomas worked for the US division of Madrigal Electromotive.

Thomas has a BFA in Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. " I love the diversity of New England from the mountains to the shoreline. To me Massachusetts, is the pinnacle of New England. From its vast history as the cradle of our country, to modern day Boston, Massachusetts is a unique and special place. No matter where I travel in the world, I'm proud to say I'm from Massachusetts."

James Pemberton Visual Merchandising Director and Trend Watcher
James began his career as a stylist in New York City after graduating from NYU with a degree in interior and exterior design and fashion merchandising. He left NYC eight years ago and after an extended stay in Los Angeles, he settled in Boston. “I love Boston because it has such a European flair to it. Where ever I travel in this country, I still find Boston to be one of the most fashion conscious cities." says James.

James joins Massachusetts Bay Trading Company with great enthusiasm. “MBTC is a fantastic website--a superb selection of New England gifts and products by regional artists. I enjoy adding to the wonderful shopping experience at MBTC every day.”

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