Yeoman's Bowl

Yeoman's Bowl
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The Yeoman's bowls were used in the 17th century for both serving and decoration pieces. Handmade by a member of the Interpretative Artisans Program in the Crafts Center at Plimoth Plantation, each is slightly different. The celebrated artisans at Plimoth Plantation are involved in the important work of reviving and perpetuating ancient technologies that are in danger of being lost. The Craft Center provides a glimpse into the historic crafts and technologies that allow the Plimoth Plantation Museum to so vividly re-create the look and feel of the 17th century. Using tools, materials and craft techniques of the 1600s, Native artisans make stone, wood and sinew tools, porcupine headdresses and these hand-coiled clay pots. Other artisans practice historic English trades, making reproductions of the objects that 17th-century colonists imported from England.

These bowls are approximately 5" in diameter, 2 1/2" high.