The Disappearance of Jenna Drago

The Disappearance of Jenna Drago


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The Disappearance of Jenna Drago by Al Blanchard, 308 pages, jacketed soft cover. Autographed by the author.

James Callahan, now retired from the Boston police force, has no trouble setting aside his new career as an artist when an old college friend calls for help to find his missing teenage daughter. Reliving the agony he experienced a year ago when his own daughter, Mandy, was kidnapped, Callahan quickly discovers the quiet little town of Northview is a hotbed of secrets.

After finding himself falsely accused of a crime and following clues that lead to a haunted house and a witch's circle, Callahan and his trusted friend, B.J., uncover a murder and other mysterious events before their investigation finally draws to a stunning conclusion.

The Disappearance of Jenna Drago is the second in Blanchard's James Callahan series. James Callahan was born in Northern Ireland and came to America when he was sixteen with his mother after the death of his father and sister. He grew up in South Boston and eventually ended up on the Boston police force as a homicide detective. Callahan's view of justice and his investigative techniques are different than the normal Boston cop and this sometimes gets him into trouble with his superiors and his police colleagues.

Callahan first appeared in The Iscariot Conspiracy. When a high Vatican official in Boston on a secret mission for the Pope is killed in a car bombing Callahan gets the case along with his partner Denise Cormier.

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