Rambler 8 Inch Sq Plate

Rambler 8 Inch Sq Plate
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This 8" x 8" finely handcrafted decoupage plate created by Neptune 1 Studios, features the image of The Rambler, a merchant ship, dated 1762-1763 and painted in Marblehead Harbor. The ship was painted by Ashley Bowen, a ship rigger from Marblehead, Massachusetts, who lived from 1728-1813.

The plate is accompanied by its historical origin printed on the product tag. Each plate is designed to beautify your home, offer as a special gift or for display by discerning collectors. Any irregularities are part of the charm and character of each of these original handmade pieces. Food safe. Hand wash only.

Ashley Bowen went to sea at a young age, served in the Royal Navy and at Quebec with the famous explorer Captain James Cook. After leaving the sea, Bowen spent the rest of his days as a ship-rigger in Marblehead, Massachusetts. A witness to significant historical events, including the British conquest of Canada and the American Revolution. The fact that he did his writings and drawings is remarkable – that some of them survived is miraculous. Most of what exists was found on top of a rubbish heap that was ready to be hauled away to the town dump. His collection of images show New England trading vessels lying in various ports including the American Colonies, the West Indies, Spain and Portugal. Read more about Ashley Bowen by James J. Buckley.