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Autumn in New England
The Patriots are undefeated, so New England is happy! It's time to prepare for colder weather and start thinking about holiday cards. We've been busy adding new products for the coming season. Here are our latest autumn specials.
Farm-Gathered Stone Serving Plate - Entree Size
Made in Massachusetts Special corporate gifts: Coasters, framed prints, Boston paperweights, special gift baskets, These made-in-USA products draw from the best yankee ingenuity of New England.  --->
Glass pumpkins
2016 Calendar Towel
NEW: 2016 Linen Calendar Towels. $8.25
Boston MBTA Map Puzzle
NEW: 500 piece Boston MBTA
Map Puzzle
MOBA prints

Museum of Bad Art Prints. $25.00
Boston Bruins Knit Hat
Boston Bruins Knit Hat
2015 New England Holiday Cards
Free Shipping Autumn Special!
Free ground shipping on orders over $40. Use promo code FS2015-4. Expires November 14, 2015.
Anne Pollard
Read the MBTC BlogBlogger Anne Pollard discusses Holiday Card Tradition at her MBTC Blog. Other recent topics include international birthday customs and traditions, Shopping at Green Stores, Buying American, and The Story of Sea Glass.
Massachusetts Bay Trading Co Artist Gallery Medium Glass Pumpkin - Harvest Gold
Luke Adams Sam Vokey, a native of Chatham, Massachusetts, combines realism with impressionism to evoke emotion beyond what is possible through photographs of the natural world.

Twilight Snowfall, Copley Square, limited edition fine art print from an original oil painting $60.00 --->
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