Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt 3-Pack

Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt 3-Pack
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In the tradition of Vineyard settlers, this sea salt is made from Atlantic Ocean sea water in small batches through solar evaporation on Down Island Farm. The hand-harvested brilliant crystals are briny, mineral rich, and free of additives and preservatives. This makes MV Sea Salt the exception to most culinary salts.

The three varieties included in this set are: Premium, Smoked Oak, and Spice.
Premium crystals are delicate, briny, and bright in flavor. Use on salads, grilled meats, and veggies, even in water to boost hydration. Perfect atop any cuisine, Premium is the most gorgeous, first-raked sea salt from each small batch.
Smoked Oak nuggets are amazing crushed on eggs, lamb, and Mexican food. The Smoked Oak imparts that summer grill flavor year-round. The Oak is from Down Island Farm and lovingly smoked in small batches over local oak.
Spice was inspired by a nearby chef, made with locally sourced sumac, which is locally processed with smoked paprika and garlic. The peppers are from local farmers, and then smoked.

Ingredients: 100% natural Vineyard sea salt as base. Premium is our first harvest of sea salt. Smoked Oak is salt smoked over Island Oak.
From the sea, by the sun. Delicious, just a pinch will do. By Down Island Farm. Finger crush whole crystals over your prepared meals or beverages.

Sea Salt 3-pack