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Autumn in New England
There's still some time left to place orders for pre-holiday delivery. Here are some coupon codes worth 30% off selected items. Or get free ground shipping on orders over $40 with the promo code below. All codes expire December 21, 2013.

Green Fir Needle Soy Candle

Made in Massachusetts

New: Green Fir Needle Soy Candle. Enjoy the scent of a New England fir tree forest all year long. Made here in New England. Normally $19.95. Use coupon code Fircandle for 20% discount, $15.96. Expires December 21, --->

Autumn Products
linen calendar towels

Our linen calendar towels for 2014 are now available, but going fast. A tradition since 1954. $8.25
Patriots Connect 4

NEW: Patriots Connect 4. With 42 Patriots checkers in this officially licensed set. $19.95

Museum of Bad Art
MOBA prints

MOBA Prints, over 30
unusual prints from the Museum of
Bad Art
$25.00 each

2013 New England Holiday Cards
Free Shipping Holiday Special!
Free ground shipping on orders over $40. Use promo code FS2013-4. Expires December 21, 2013.
Anne Pollard
Read the MBTC BlogBlogger Anne Pollard discusses Holiday Card Tradition at her MBTC Blog. Other recent topics include international birthday customs and traditions, Shopping at Green Stores, Buying American, and The Story of Sea Glass.
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