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"When the Sox started their series with the Yankees, I ordered a Red Sox cap from you (ordered on 10/12/04) to show my allegiances out here in Seattle. It arrived on Monday the 18th, after the Yankees shellacked the Sox on Saturday and then the first win on Sunday. I wore it on Monday, and they won (5-4), wore it again on Tuesday and they won again (4-2), so I figured the cap must be lucky.


Since then, I've worn the cap for every telecast, and they've won each time. The streak has continued as they started the series with the Cardinals. Clearly, this is a lucky cap, so you know I have to wear it for each telecast in the remaining games of the Series.

My wife and I lived in Boston in the '80s (1980-87), and we became huge Sox fans. We had an apartment in Brookline and made it to several games at Fenway. We were watching the tube during the horrible Game 6 in 1986. We're part of the loyal fraternity of Sox fans that follow the boys from a distance.

I'm cautious, even hesitant, even now, to write and tell you about this cap for fear of jinxing the Sox. But I think that the cap might have a bit of luck, so I wanted to thank you for choosing a good one to send to me. I wear it with pride and hope...why not us, why not this year? Thanks for a great cap."

Gerry L.
Redmond, WA
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"My anniversary is this Sunday and I had been struggling to find the perfect gift for my husband. He had said something about a barometer so I looked in a catalog I had and came up with a customized tide clock. However, that company said it would take 3 to 4 weeks (and their online order form didn't even ask for the map you wanted) so I did a google search and found the same item at your site. That was on Monday so I figured I was too late but went ahead and ordered. To my amazement it arrived today so I just wanted to say thank you. I know he will love it as it is so unique - and he loves fishing in our Monterey Bay."

Cheryl E.

Monterey, CA
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"My name is George O'Neill and I recently put an order in for "Twilight
Snowfall" Boston Christmas cards. I received them today and am VERY
pleased at the super-sonic speed you got this order to me. Great going,
folks!!!!!!! I wish all transactions could be this smooth and efficient!"

George O.
Boston, MA
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"My clients loved the Boston Baked Beans. They were so cute and a big hit!"

Stacey R.
Southfield, MI
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