Boston Snack Supreme

Boston Snack Supreme

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Product Details

The Boston Snack Supreme gift set features special local Boston and New England treats perfect as either a welcome or thank-you gift. As a welcome gift the treats can be enjoyed before or during a visit to the area. As a thank-you gift, the items provide a lingering taste of New England. Everything in the set is made locally. It is all carefully packaged in a red gift box on a bed of red crinkle-cut shred. The gift box is delicately packed in a sturdy shipping carton to insure safe arrival.

The set includes:

  • Boston Harbour Tea: 5 tea bags in a pillow-style box
  • Boston's Best Breakfast Blend coffee
  • 5 oz Molasses Peppermint Drops
  • Bag of Inpopnito gourmet popcorn
  • 7 oz bag of gummi lobsters
  • 8 ounces of either Wintergreen Patties or Creme de Menthe Patties by Ye Olde Pepper Companie
  • Box of six delicious 100% pure maple sugar candies
  • 12 ounce Cranberry Pepper Jelly. A carefully blended combination of fresh cranberries of New England and medium-hot chilies of the southwest for an unusual flavor.
  • Box of Venus Fancy Water Crackers

Each Boston Snack Supreme gift set is attractively packaged in a gift box which is delicately packed in a shipping carton. Specify a gift message and we will include a gift card at no charge. Optional gift wrapping is available.