The Louisa May Alcott Necklace

The Louisa May Alcott Necklace

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The Louisa May Alcott Necklace, hanging from a black satin chord, a luminescent mother-of-pearl ornament punctuated with a rich onyx-diamond like center is reminiscent of a classic 19th-century choker, complementary to a "fine woman's high collar." Concord's Louisa May Alcott, author of the beloved "Little Women", was a social activist and an early spokesperson for women's rights.

This limited edition product is handmade and signed by the Women's Craft Cooperative of Boston, Massachusetts, a social enterprise at Rosie's Place, the first shelter for poor and homeless women in the United States. The Women’s Craft Cooperative at Rosie’s Place introduces poor and formerly homeless women to craft skills and the basics of merchandising while providing a source of income to the artisans. 100% of our profits benefit Rosie's Place. Each piece features a button, a metaphor for connecting!

The Louisa May Alcott Necklace