The Colorprint Desk Clock

The Colorprint Desk Clock
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These clocks have been presented to a number of Heads of State. They feature a beloved scene of Boston. At the top of the picture the historic landmark is titled and the location is on the second line.

The clock face is glass, with the face and numerals actually printed on the reverse side of the glass for a sophisticated look., The historic print and lettering is placed behind the glass. The border system is in black and gold and can be highlighted with your firm's logo color if you wish. The wood frame is finished in deep cherry tones. Clock hands are on the outside.

Custom personalization is available for $15. The custom message may be up to three lines.

Comes with battery. Dimensions: 7" x 8" x 2 1/2". Select from among the images shown below.

Made in Massachusetts by Eglomise Designs, the leader in the development of fine corporate and university gifts for four decades. Eglomise painting was popularized in 18th century France and was named after the artisan who developed the technique of applying and blending paint directly on the reverse side of glass.

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