Taggies Spotty Monkey Cozy blanket

Taggies Spotty Monkey Cozy blanket
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Product Details

The luxurious, soft Spotty Monkey Cozy satin lined blanket has 23 Taggies ribbons and a sweet appliqued monkey. Batting inside adds a layer of cushioning. The blanket features a cheerful embroidered face, polka dots and patented Taggies pull tags; sure to become an immediate favorite with your baby. With truly innovative attributes and small beginnings, Taggies has revolutionized and redefined how little ones feel secure and engaged in play. Originating with a mother's observation that her baby was more interested in the satin tags on toys than the object itself, today Taggies offers a broad array of simple but fun products designed to enhance a child's growth and sense of security. At the core are the unique, interactive, and patented looped tags to touch and explore. The snuggly soft fabrics, colors, and textures of Taggies help nurture a child and provide simple opportunities for fine motor skill development and sensory stimulation.

Made with ultra-soft microfiber fabric top and silky soft satin underside. Provides tactile and visual stimulation for your baby. Machine washable.

Size: 16" x 16"