Soap Stick

Soap Stick
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These innovatively-packaged Travel Stick Soaps by Herbs Make Scents are made with 100% natural vegetable glycerin with added coconut oil for moisture. No chemicals, harsh lathering agents or synthetic fragrances. Infused with therapeutic essential oils. Use soap right off the stick or rub on a bath sponge or cloth for lather. Perfect for shaving. Leaves skin smooth and is non-irritating.

Ideal for at home or to toss in the suitcase, gym bag, diaper bag or handbag without worry of leaking. Better than those soaps in the travel boxes! Travel Stick Soaps are poured right into a twist-up container: pop the top, twist up the soap, and lather up! Replace cover and it is ready to go! Guaranteed not to leak. Use Travel Stick Soaps and no more dropping the heavy bar of soap on your foot again! Helpful for young children or those with arthritis. This soap lasts longer than other soaps and is pampering to the skin and smells so good.

Completely all natural! Made with 100% vegetable glycerin and coconut oil for added moisture. Infused with pure essential oils for therapeutic properties. Comes in two popular scents.

Size approximately 4 1/2" high x 2 1/4" wide x 1" deep.

Refreshing - Pink grapefruit, lemon, lime, litsea, mandarin, sweet orange.

Relaxing - Purely lavender.