Sterling 3-Tiered Drop Necklace

Sterling 3-Tiered Drop Necklace
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SeaGlassWear™ and SeaStoneWear™ jewelry from the sea by Valerie Gates.

Sterling SeaGlass three-tier drop pendant available in spring or fall colors.

This original, handcrafted jewelry is created from an exclusive collection of Cape Cod sea glass or grey beachstones found over the past 40 years. Each piece, wrapped in Sterling Silver, is hand-selected and ocean-made. As a result, variations will occur and are part of the natural beauty and originality of each item.

Sea glass is sometimes called mermaidís tears or sea gems. It captures the romance and allure of the sea, pirates, and dramatic ocean storms. The availability of naturally created seaglass has been steadily dwindling for the past decades due to the increased use of recycling and plastics.