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Boston Pops
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This Boston Pops button-in-a-bottle is handmade and signed by the Women's Craft Cooperative in Boston, Massachusetts, a social enterprise at Rosie's Place, the first shelter for poor and homeless women in the United States. Each piece features a button, a metaphor for connecting.

The Boston Pops button-in-a-bottle story: A lively explosion of multi-colored beads and buttons springing out of a little vintage perfume bottle captures the spirit of the Boston Symphony Orchestra's "Boston Pops". Known as America's Orchestra since 1885, the Pops' 4th of July concert is one of our country's most renowned Independence Day celebrations.

100% of the Women's Craft Cooperative profits benefit Rosie's Place.

Button in a bottle Box for Boston Pops Each Boston Pops button-in-a-bottle comes in an individual gift box with the Button-in-a-Bottle story and a description of Rosie's Place.