Wood Wax Care Set

Wood Wax Care Set
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Product Details

This wood care set includes an 8 oz bottle of Williamsville Wax, a 12 oz pump spray bottle of Wood Cleaner, an 8 oz bottle of Wax and Wood Touch-up, and two washable lint-free cloths to keep your wood work beautiful. The Wax and Wood Touch-up allows you to touch-up nicks, scratches and minor damages in your furniture as you polish. It is designed to take no more effort than regular wood maintenance while taking away the marred appearance and giving your wood a new, revitalized look.

Williamsville Wood Cleaner was developed to clean soil and other residues from wood and other hard surfaces. It cleans deep yet is non-abrasive. The residues and contaminates that get on the wood should be cleaned away before the wood is polished.